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    Your Privacy

At T2-Global we have a firm commitment and respect for customer privacy. We constantly strive to strengthen our customers' trust and confidence using our travel reservation system by applying the following practices:

How does T2-Global use your data?

T2-Global and/or T2-Global's partners use your personal information only to process and to finalize your travel reservations. When making a reservation through our system we provide customer information to the airline, hotel, car rental agency or other 3rd party providers to ensure the successful completion of travel arrangements. Under no circumstances will your personal information be released to any other party that is not directly involved in the travel booking process.

We do not store credit card information permanently in our database, we use it only during the reservation process.

Why do we ask for your e-mail address and telephone numbers?

We and/or our partners will use your e-mail address to send out booking confirmations and to contact you regarding reservations you have placed with T2-Global. We will only use your telephone number to contact you regarding the travel arrangements you have made with T2-Global and you will only be called when we need to communicate with you urgently and if/when we feel that sending an email may not be fast enough.

We will never call you regarding promotions and we will not pass your phone number on to anyone.

Security procedures protecting against the loss, misuse or alteration of information.

Our travel reservation engines have security measures in place to protect our customers against the loss, misuse or alteration of information. We use industry standard SSL encryption when processing your personal and financial information. SSL encryption is a method by which information transmitted across the Internet is scrambled to the point where it is virtually indecipherable. Web pages where SSL encryption is activated are typically identified by a lock or key symbol displayed in your browser status bar.

Links to Other Sites

T2-Global websites may contain links to other sites. T2-Global is not responsible for the privacy policies applied by websites not operated by T2-Global. We do, however, encourage our link partners to adopt privacy policies similar to ours.

Contacting T2-Global

If you have any questions about T2-Global privacy polices, the practices of this site or your dealings with this web site, you can contact our customer support section at support@t2-global.com.


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